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MDPD: an integrated genetic information resource for Parkinson's disease

Parkinson.s Disease (PD) is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder affecting millions of people. Both environmental and genetic factors play important roles in its causation and development. Genetic analysis has shown that over 100 genes are correlated with the etiology and pathology of PD.

However, accessing genetic information in a consistent and fruitful way is not an easy task. The Mutation Database for Parkinson.s Disease (MDPD) is designed to fulfill the need for information integration so that users can easily retrieve, inspect and enhance their knowledge on PD.

The database contains 2391 entries on 202 genes extracted from 576 publications and manually examined by biomedical researchers. Each genetic substitution and the resulting impact are clearly labeled and linked to its primary reference. Every reported gene has a summary page that provides information on the variation impact, mutation type, the studied population, mutation position and reference collection. In addition, MDPD provides a unique functionality for users to compare the differences on the type of mutations among ethnic groups. As such, we hope that MDPD will serve as a valuable tool to bridge the gap between genetic analysis and clinical practice.

We would like to remind user to be caution in interpretation of the information from the database although all data in this database are extracted from published literature. The size of sample and methods used in studies may cause biases and errors in conclusion.

Functional Summary of MDPD

Web page Contents
  1. Alphabetic list of gene symbol
  2. Chromosome location of the gene
  3. Links to Entrez Gene and SWISS-PROT database
  4. Entry point to variation report
  1. Search by Gene symbol (including partial name), aliases, Gene ID, SWISS-PROT accession number
  2. Search by Geographic regions of the study
  3. Search by Author.s name of the primary reference
  1. About the gene
  2. Number of records in MDPD
  3. Number of variants reported in SWISS-PROT database
  4. Link to OMIM database
Variation Report
  1. List of Variation Impact
  2. List of Variation Type
  3. List of studied country
  4. Variation sequence (position in amino acid and nucleic acid level)
  5. List of PubMed reference for the gene
  6. Entre to individual record covering sample size, age, gender, variation, impact, geographic, and comments Comparison
  7. Comparing genetic data from any two geographic regions
Comparison Comparing genetic data from any two geography regions
  1. Key statistics in MDPD
  2. Top 10 genes with most literature reports
  3. Top 10 genes with most reported negative variants
  4. Top 10 countries / regions with most studies done

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